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Qualifying for TANF and GA

To qualify for TANF or GA in Pennsylvania, you must make less than a set amount of money based on your family size and these rules must apply to you:


  • Resources: For TANF, you must not have more than $1,000 in resources for one or more persons. For GA, you must not have more than $250 in resources for one person or $1,000 in resources for two or more people. Resources are things with cash value such as, but not limited to, bank accounts, bonds, or property that isn’t your primary residents.
  • Income: Your income must fall within the limits on the Family Size Allowance Chart based on the number of people in your family. Take a look at the chart. Income is money you earn, as well as other forms of support like unemployment compensation, interest, Social Security benefits or lottery winnings. You have to report all of this income to the county assistance office, and they’ll determine your eligibility for TANF.
  • Citizenship: You have to be a U.S. citizen, and some non-citizens who are legally admitted for permanent residence are eligible. The county assistance office reviews citizenship for everyone in your household.
  • Residency: You have to live in Pennsylvania and not be planning to move out of the state.
  • Social Security Number: Everyone in your household including children must have a Social Security Number or apply for one.
  • Work Requirements: Adults in your household receiving TANF have to look for a job or participate in a training program. You may not have to do this if you have a temporary or permanent disability.
  • Agreement of Mutual Responsibility (AMR): Every adult receiving TANF has to sign an AMR. The AMR is a plan that outlines what you’ll do to work towards self-sufficiency.
  • Child support: If you fill out an application for TANF for your child, you have to cooperate with paternity and child support requirements, unless you have a valid excuse. 

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